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Be part of the 2015 Louisiana State Combined Charitable Campaign

Posted By Robin Taylor, Louisiana Association of United Ways, Friday, January 09, 2015

This past year, employees of the State of Louisiana generated more than $245,000 through the 2014 LA SCCC campaign. Over 70 participating nonprofit organizations received donations through this statewide effort. 

Louisiana is already gearing up for the second State Combined Charitable Campaign!  Once again, state employees will be given the opportunity to contribute, through payroll deduction, to approved health and human service non-profit organizations. The Louisiana Association of United Ways will continue to serve as the Principal Combined Fundraising Organization (PCFO) and will be working in coordination with the Office of State Uniform Payroll (OSUP). 

All qualifying health and human service non-profits operating within the state of Louisiana are encouraged to apply to be a participating charity.

Starting today, the application is available at and is due by March 2, 2015. All charity applications will be reviewed and notified of eligibility no later than June 30, 2015.

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Your Strategic Plan: Is it a Roadmap or a GPS?

Posted By Lauren Anderson, Lauren C. Anderson Consulting Services, LLC, Thursday, January 08, 2015

Is your strategic plan a road map or a GPS?

Most articles on strategic planning refer to a strategic plan as a road map. It is a document that will help chart your course to reach a desired destination. This concept is almost as outmoded as the paper map. When was the last time you took out an atlas or unfolded one of those unwieldy paper maps to plot your course for a trip? I know that I rely upon the GPS app on my phone to get me where I want to go.

I rely upon the GPS because it is dynamic and it makes course corrections as necessary. That is what a strategic plan must do as well. Many dismiss the effectiveness of strategic planning because their work environment is ever changing and they are right. A strategic plan that is written, saved as a PDF, not to be changed and most likely to remain on a shelf or in a file drawer is a waste of time. While it might provide some insight to the person who wrote the plan at the time at which the plan was written. It is not likely to be a tool that supports the growth of the business. A strategic plan that is developed to be the business’ GPS will provide guidance, benchmarks and necessary course corrections enabling you to reach your destination.

Here are some tips for developing strategic plans that will become your organization’s GPS.

It takes a team- Business plans are most often written for an external audience, frequently potential investors, to demonstrate the viability and potential of that business. Strategic plans on the other hand should be written for and by an internal audience: the entire organization that is the subject of the strategic plan. So while it might be appropriate for a single individual, whether a CEO, consultant or other C-level individual, to write the organization’s strategic plan; this is never the path to follow for a strategic plan.

Strategic plans are by definition the organization’s strategy for moving forward. They cannot be implemented by one individual. It requires alignment of the entire team. How to achieve that alignment? It will not happen if someone writes a plan and presents it to the staff and says that these are our goals and this is how we shall achieve our goals. First, it will never garner the requisite support. Second, it will miss the valuable insights that all members of the team are able to contribute.

The Development of the Plan Will Bubble Up- We all have blind spots and CEO’s may have more than anyone else in the organization. Often the employees at the lowest rung of the organization can have the most important insights about what is and is not working within the organization. A truly effective strategic plan will be developed as a process that is designed to obtain input from every member of the organization. This input can be obtained through a variety of means depending upon the size of the organization: surveys, focus groups, individual or staff meetings. Very often, an outside facilitator will be helpful to pose the questions and provide a safe space for everyone to contribute without fear that they might say something that would offend a supervisor or management. It is the very information that as a CEO you don’t want to hear that you need to hear in this process. Once this information has been collected create a team of key employees and managers to work with the consultant to write the strategic plan. If the plan is to have goals that impact each department (as it should) each department should have representation on the team to craft the plan. The information that informs the strategic plan should bubble up from the bottom to the top of the organization

The Implementation of the Plan will Cascade Down-This level of input not only informs the plan it also contributes to it being embraced by the organization. It is no longer the CEO’s plan, it is our plan. Everyone had input into its development and everyone has a stake in its success.  We created it; it was not imposed on us as an uninformed arbitrary dictate from above.


Vistage International speaker Angelo Kinicki coined the term “cascading goals” because — in the way that waterfall spills over a cliff — goals must spill over and “cascade” throughout an organization in order to be implemented. When goals cascade successfully, the results can be dramatic.


We write the plan with the end in mind. When writing the strategic plan incorporate implementation measures into the plan. You have goals, how will you reach those goals? Now that there is buy-in for the plan, there must be a mechanism by which the plan is implemented. To obtain valuable input, to engage staff and commit resources to the development of the plan that is not given life is more than counter-productive. It is a morale deflator.


It is helpful to have milestones and goals for the leadership, including the CEO. Lead by example. Demonstrate that you are willing to do your part and to be held accountable to the same standards you expect of others within the organization.


SMART Goals- Write the plan with specific goals, with milestones and identify who will be responsible for each task and when will it be accomplished. I like using SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable (or Aggressive), Relevant and Time bound.  I have used tables for each goal that can be edited, supplemented and modified as the plan progresses. It looks something like this:


Goal: We will increase revenue from department Y by 25% by December 31, 2015



Action Items (milestones) to achieve goal


Responsible Person(s)





Have there been changes that impact the accomplishment of the action item, corrective measures, etc.







When I was a CEO we brought our strategic planning document with the goals to our management meeting and reviewed progress. These became dynamic conversations as we strategized about how to accomplish milestones and goals.   Managers use the plan in their department meetings. Interesting conversations occurred as we strategized about our goals. Very often, over the course of time the strategy/action items changed or grew.  Some were intentionally abandoned because of changing circumstances or new information. We were able to use this table to: 1. Hold ourselves accountable and 2. To make GPS course corrections as they became necessary. Rather than being a document in the file, the strategic plan became dog eared and colorful with notes and comments as it was used as a real planning tool. : This tool allows everyone to see progress and holds everyone accountable for upholding their piece of the plan. It also allows for change as new information becomes available, circumstances change and yes, when goals are achieved and new goals are created. This table can grow with the organization and allows the plan to be dynamic.

Accountability tool and Re-calibration - Consider at the outset what measures will be used that reinforce accountability. What steps will be taken when an individual, team or department consistently does not accomplish agreed upon tasks and is not likely to reach their goal? This is the time to examine whether there are factors (internal or external) that prevent accomplishment of the goal.  This is the time for course correction. Think about how that GPS voice recognizes that you are no longer on the course that it created, pauses a moment and gives alternate directions. It is so much better to recognize and acknowledge this, rather than looking back a year later wondering why the strategic plan failed. If milestones are not being achieved because individuals or teams are not living in to their commitments either the team or you as CEO will be able to decide appropriate action. The importance of using a tool on an ongoing basis is that having invested the energy into the development of the plan you are not caught unaware when the plan is not delivering desired results.

Celebrate Success - Finally, consider how to reward success. Everyone appreciates being recognized, even when the recognition is not monetized. Consider how best to communicate the accomplishment of milestones and goals so that everyone within the organization learns of the success. Acknowledge and celebrate each milestone. Express gratitude and appreciation.




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LANO members: FREE author interview on The Money-Raising Nonprofit Brand

Posted By Kris H. Rutledge, CausePlanet, Wednesday, January 07, 2015


LANO members:

How do you connect your donors to your brand in order to most effectively raise money?

Corporate branding won't help because it's tied to abstractions.

Nonprofit brands must connect donors with a gritty reality.

Jeff Brooks, author of The Money-Raising Nonprofit Brand: Motivating Donors to Give, Give Happily, and Keep on Giving, has some answers.

Author interview

Join CausePlanet founder Denise McMahan and Jeff Brooks Thursday, January 29, at 11:00 Central Time at a webinar interview at your desk.

In this interview we will highlight:

  • the seven elements of a fundraising offer
  • the five elements that strengthen a fundraising offer
  • a powerful fundraising icon or image
  • the hallmarks of donor-focused communications
  • the structure and culture of a donor-focused nonprofit


Register now for this FREE interview for all LANO members. (The link requires LANO network sign-in to register.) This opportunity is generously provided thanks to the support of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation.

See more 

See more with the Page to Practice™ summary of Brooks’ book.

Simply log in at the top right corner of CausePlanet’s home page ( and fill in your registered email with LANO and "Password1”. Click on "Summary Library” to see The Money-Raising Nonprofit Brand and over 100 other titles.


 Attached Thumbnails:

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Coastal Forest Restoration volunteer event near St. Bernard

Posted By Jenny Byrd, Coalition To Restore Coastal Louisiana, Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL) and the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation (LPBF) invite you to register for our three day Coastal Forest restoration event on January 15, 16 and 17 near St. Bernard.  We are looking for 120 enthusiastic volunteers to prepare and plant over 1,000 native trees in an area that was heavily impacted by past hurricanes. Your efforts will help increase storm surge retention and increase forest resiliency for future storm events.

Important information: 

  • Directions and additional details will be provided to registered volunteers via e-mail a few days prior to the event.
  • Registration is open from 9:00 to 9:30 am each day. Due to the logistics of this event - registration will close at 9:30 am.
  • Please note the minimum age for volunteers is 10 and all minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Physical fitness is required. 
  • All equipment (gloves, shovels) and lunch and drinks (with vegetarian options) will be provided to all volunteers.
  • Be prepared to get DIRTY. CRCL will be providing knee boots upon request.

We require that all volunteers please register to let us know if you plan to attend.  If any additional members of your family/friends are attending, then they must also register

You can register to volunteer for any day by



Founded in 1988, The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana is a non-profit organization whose mission is driving bold, science-based action to rebuild Coastal Louisiana through advocacy, outreach and restoration.  With the support of 20,000 members and volunteers, CRCL advocates for strong coastal policies and implements restoration projects across coastal Louisiana.

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January Workshop: Creating a Powerful Fundraising Plan

Posted By Nora Ellertsen, The Funding Seed, LLC, Tuesday, January 06, 2015

January nonprofit workshop:
Creating a Powerful Fundraising Plan
Thursday, January 15
2:00 to 4:30 p.m.
Ashe Cultural Arts Center
1712 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd., New Orleans

Details and registration

Start the new year right with a powerful fundraising plan!


What would happen at your organization if you never had to worry about your funding?  
If you knew how much you needed to raise, and how you were going to raise it?

This workshop will help you make that a reality.  You'll learn ways to assess your resources, to set fundraising goals, and to create a calendar that will keep you on track.  Participants will receive tools they can take back to their organizations and put to work immediately.   

Click to register

Registration $35.  Discounts available for students, AmeriCorps and organizations registering two or more people.

Attendees will receive a Certificate of Participation for completing the workshop.

For questions, to inquire about discount codes or to reserve your seat and pay at the door, email  Visit to learn more about workshops and other services offered by The Funding Seed.

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"Donations Down? Buck the Trend"

Posted By Celeste Viator, Hannis T. Bourgeois, LLP, Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A string of disasters in recent years has resulted in reduced revenue for many non-profit organizations, according to one survey.  Here are the details of the survey, along with some suggestions on how to bring the numbers back up.

Click below for full article.

Download File (PSD)

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Your Gift to LANO Continues to Give

Posted By Jessica A. Erwin, Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations, Monday, December 15, 2014
In the spirit of the holiday season, many of us give generously of our time and resources. This is a special time of year where we gather with friends and family to give thanks for the love and precious gifts we have. For many of us, this time of gratefulness inspires us to remember the nonprofit organizations that are close to our hearts. Perhaps the nonprofits you support feed the hungry, train the unemployed, preserve the land, improve access to healthcare, educate children, or enrich our souls and minds through the arts. As you rush to finalize your to-do list this holiday season, we hope you will consider a gift to LANO -- an investment in over 600 nonprofit organizations that help thousands of people across Louisiana. ​For more information or to make a gift, please click here. We wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season! Thank you for your support.




Kelly Pepper
President and CEO, LANO

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Perkins Rowe's Cash for a Cause

Posted By Fairleigh C. Jackson, Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations, Thursday, December 11, 2014

Perkins Rowe invites you to vote for your favorite Baton Rouge nonprofit and the organization could win $5,000! Voting is open until December 31st. The winner will be announced on January 6th.

Here are the 10 finalists:

  • Yelp! Baton Rouge
  • Anna's Grace Foundation
  • Shana Rae Project 
  • Trafficking Hope
  • Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge
  • McMains Children's Developmental Center - Wheels to Succeed Program
  • Friends of the Animals Baton Rouge
  • Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank
  • Big Buddy Program
  • St. Vincent de Paul of Baton Rouge

Visit Perkins Rowe's facebook page to vote today!

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Holiday Fundraising Secrets for Procrastinators

Posted By Jason Nicosia, CommitChange, Thursday, December 11, 2014


Ok, so you’ve just realized that the end of the year is fast approaching, and you haven’t done anything to prep for an end of year fundraising campaign. It’s not too late! About a third of all online giving will take place this month, so now is the time to get your campaign together and finish the year strong. Here are a few secrets to help make your Holiday Fundraising campaign a success.

Image title

Ask for More Than Just Money-

#GivingTuesday took place on December 2nd and nonprofits all over the world ran campaigns to raise money. Unfortunately, over 60% of those donations will end up as one time gifts. Why? Nonprofits need to follow up with donors to build a relationship. By asking for a relationship from the donor instead of just money, you are more likely to see them give again. Don’t let your relationship end at just the thank you note. Now is the perfect time to let them know you appreciate them with a Holiday note.

Link to your donate page on both your email and Holiday letters-

Speaking of Holiday notes, don’t miss the boat on allowing your supporters to click a link to visit your donation page, or even type in a URL from a “snail mail” letter. Be sure to have a simple “” link for them to easily find. Your millennial supporters will appreciate that they don’t need to dust of the ole checkbook.

Set an achievable Goal-

When creating your holiday campaigns, set a goal! It’s like letting Santa know exactly what you want for Christmas. Your supporters will appreciate seeing their impact on your overall mission by helping your organization reach it’s goal. Setting a goal also give you some content to share in your Holiday solicitation emails. “We’re 90% of the way to our year end fundraising goals. Help us get there!”

Image title

Reinforce Your Email Messaging-

This Holiday season, your supporters will be bombarded by dozens of emails from nonprofits, stores, and long lost family members. Don’t make the mistake of only sending one end of the year ask to your supporters. Come up with a calendar of outreach with 4 or 5 separate emails, all with a differently framed ask. Different messages will resonate with different donors, so be sure to include some variety.

Bonus Tip- Don't procrastinate next year! 

Happy Holidays from

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LANO members: New CausePlanet book summary on how to market more effectively with Brainfluence

Posted By Kris H. Rutledge, CausePlanet, Wednesday, December 10, 2014

As nonprofits, you’re expected to do more with less. Marketing is an especially challenging area. Author Roger Dooley of Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing gives you creative ways to implement smarter marketing that doesn’t have to cost more.

The research

Leading scientists who focus on brain activity say 95 percent of all thoughts, emotions and learning happen before we are aware of them. But, according to Dooley, most marketing efforts bypass the immense subconscious and instead target the rational conscious mind. He applies brain and behavior research to give you creative methods to market to your clients and constituents and not just to five percent of their brains.


Here are a few brainfluence areas Dooley covers:

·      Pricing products and services

·      Incorporating sensory features into your message

·      Maximizing your brand

·      Leveraging smart copy and pictures

·      Recognizing gender differences in your content

·      Using your web presence effectively

Download this summary and others in 3 simple steps:

1.     Visit

2.     Log in using your email and "Password1”.

3.     Click on "Visit the Summary Library” and download any title you like.

Questions? Email us at

Brainfluence and other summaries are available FREE for dues-paying (General and Associate) members thanks to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation.

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