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LANO members: Get a Jump on Steve Zimmerman's Keynote: Free Book Summary on The Sustainability Mindset

Posted By Kris H. Rutledge, CausePlanet, Monday, October 19, 2015

Don’t forget to download the free summary of keynote speaker Steve Zimmerman’s new book on financial sustainability before the conference this week. Get a jump start on his ideas with a CausePlanet Page to Practice summary of The Sustainability Mindset, coauthored with Jeanne Bell. This book expands the ideas in his earlier book, Nonprofit Sustainability, by showing you how to:


·      Focus on financials and impact

·      Create and analyze your matrix map

·      Assess your impact

·      Determine your profitability

·      Define your programs


Members can download this free summary and others in 3 simple steps:


1.     Visit

2.     Click on “Subscriber Log-in” at the top right corner, using your email and “Password1”.

3.     Click on “Visit the Summary Library” and download any title you like.


Questions? Email us at


Steve Zimmerman’s and other summaries are available FREE for dues-paying (General and Associate) members thanks to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation.


Tags:  author webinar  CausePlanet  Page to Practice 

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Posted By Kali Johnson, Solid Ground Innovations, Friday, October 9, 2015

In less than 30 days, an engaging group of individuals will gather in Baton Rouge to co-identify ideas and co-create untapped responses to our daily work of impacting low-income communities. 

Here are 3 reasons you should be a part of the conversation: 


1. Doug Rauch- The Daily Table 

The man who helped grow Trader Joe's from a small South California chain, to a national retail success has begun a new venture, The Daily Table. Doug Rauch is bridging the gap between hunger and food waste, and on October 30th, we're giving you lessons from the table through a live one-on-one interview. Here’s a sneak peak of his work.


2. Dr. Leonard Moore- International Speaker and Urban Change Agent 

Our guest speaker, Dr. Leonard N. Moore of UT Austin will lead us in a challenging, yet engaging discussion around the often unrecognized wealth of the communities we serve.

Dr. Moore is a well- sought after orator well-known for igniting a crowd through his thought-provoking delivery. Take a look at his profile here.     

3. Change the Way you Work

Quite candidly, we believe your experience at Social Innovation Summit 6 will change the way you think, operate and innovate. 


So, gather members of your staff and register here for this invaluable opportunity.

For more information on Social Innovation Summit 6 visit or call 225.330.4924.

Tags:  collective impact  community  community development  community leaders  impact  low-income  nonprofit  social innovation  underserved  urban  wealth 

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2015 Women in Dance Leadership Conference

Posted By Emilie E. Bowman, Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations, Wednesday, October 7, 2015

2015 Women in Dance Leadership Conference

October 29, 2015 – November 1, 2015


The Women in Dance Leadership’s mission is to investigate, explore, and reflect on women’s leadership by representing innovative and multicultural dance work to celebrate, develop, and promote women’s leadership in dance making, dance related fields, and other male dominated professions.

Inspired by the unique circumstances of having women in leadership in the dance community in Baton Rouge, LA, this biannual festival will investigate, explore, and reflect on women’s leadership by inviting world-renowned dance makers/ artists /scholars /directors to Baton Rouge for a 4-day festival from October 29th – November 1st, 2015. The event will feature keynote speakers, master classes, process sessions, film screening, performances, and discussion panels that will include LANO’s own President and CEO Kelly Pepper. This festival will identify Baton Rouge as a viable location for national conferences in women’s leadership development, serve to promote women’s leadership development, and as a catalyst for cultivation of an ongoing dialogue within all performing arts communities in the U.S. For additional information on the Women in Leadership conference and to register please visit,

Keynote and Guest Honorary Speakers:

Dr. Susan Foster


Dr. Foster is a Choreographer, dancer, and writer, who began presenting concerts of her own work in 1977. Since that time she has created several solo concerts which she has toured in the United States, Canada, and Europe. She is the author of Reading Dancing (University of California Press, 1986), Choreography and Narrative (Indiana University Press, 1996) and Dances That Describe Themselves: The Improvised Choreography of Richard Bull (Wesleyan University Press, 2003). She is also editor of Choreographing History (Indiana, 1995) and Corporealities (Routledge, 1996).

Dr. Ann Dils



Ann Dils, PhD, is a dance historian with strong interests in movement analysis, feminist research methods, and cultural studies. The current chair of the Department of Dance at UNC Charlotte, Dr. Dils has chaired the Program in Women’s and Gender Studies at UNC Greensboro and served as president of the Congress on Research in Dance and editor of Dance Research Journal. She is co-director of Accelerated Motion: Towards a New Dance Literacy, an online resource for the study of dance history, and co-edited the collections Dance, Place, and Identity (2008) and Moving History/ Dancing Cultures (2001).

Karole Armitage




Karole Armitage is the Artistic Director of the New York-based Armitage Gone! Dance Company founded in 2004. She was rigorously trained in classical ballet and began her professional career as a member of the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève, Switzerland (1973-1975), a company devoted exclusively to the repertory of George Balanchine. In 1976, she was invited to join Merce Cunningham’s company, where she remained for five years, (1975-1981) performing leading roles in Cunningham’s landmark works. Through her unique and acute knowledge of the aesthetic values of Balanchine and Cunningham, Armitage has created her own “voice” in the dichotomy of classical and modern dance, and is seen by some critics as the true choreographic heir to the two masters of 20th century American dance.

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Volunteer Louisiana hosts 2015 Listening Tour

Posted By Bettsie Norton, LANO, Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Volunteer Louisiana is hosting a series of conversations about the capacity of volunteering across Louisiana. Your comments will be used to develop a three-year plan to guide us in designing programs and services that help communities and organizations engage citizens for greater impact.


In addition to collecting your comments, we will also present resources to assist your organization such as prospective partners, an overview of National Service programs, and possible funding. Your participation in the 2015 Listening Tour is key to helping shape the services and support that the State Commission will provide nonprofits to build capacity.


This year’s dates are:

  • October 13, Lake Charles City Hall
  • October 14, Marksville, LA
  • October 15, Winnsboro Branch, Franklin Parish Library
  • October 26, St. Landry Parish Government Community Service Building (Opelousas)
  • October 27, Morehouse Parish Visitors Center (Bastrop)
  • October 28, Bossier City
  • November 2, Houma, Houma Branch Parish Library
  • November 3, St. Tammany, Causeway Branch Parish Library
  • TBD, Ascension Parish

Registration is free and can be made via Eventbrite at Please feel free to distribute this email and flyer to any nonprofit, local officials, schools, etc. that you work with.


We will begin each listening stop with an overview of National Service programs as well as the training and funding opportunities currently available through the Commission. Afterward, we will facilitate a group discussion about the state of volunteerism in your community, the challenges your community and organization face and the impact that has been achieved. Please support this opportunity by attending and inviting other nonprofits to participate.


The state Service Commission’s mission is to assist nonprofits in building and sustaining high quality programs that meet the needs of Louisiana’s citizens while promoting an ethic of service and to serve as a strong foundation for national service and volunteerism in the state. Now more than ever, national service programs, in conjunction with volunteer efforts, have an important role to play in our daily lives. Strong partnerships are not only more efficient but absolutely necessary to meet community needs when recovering from a disaster, or meeting the ongoing day-to-day needs of Louisiana’s communities.

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The Trap of the Buzzword

Posted By Katherine Robinson, EMH Strategy, Monday, October 5, 2015

One of the biggest challenges facing non-profit organizations today is the dichotomy between crafting a catchy pitch and running an impactful, multifaceted program.  Mission-driven organizations are typically trying to solve complex problems that require in-depth, specialized knowledge to address, but they need to be able to pitch their models to funders, partners, and the public in a succinct, digestible way.  Additionally, funders often organize their grants into specific categories, such as education, arts, or health, expecting non-profits to fit into one unambiguous box.  In reality, most successful organizations realize that issue areas are interrelated and build programs that are more holistic in nature.  Despite their multifaceted value propositions, non-profits are still expected to speak about their cause or mission in a way that is short, punchy, and on trend.  This oversimplification can seep in messaging, operations, and impact. This is the trap of the buzzword.


Because so much of what non-profits do is communicated through social media and grant requirements are very specific, non-profits often abbreviate their messaging to focus on a few popular key words.  Jordan Levy, the Chief External Relations Officer for the Ubuntu Education Fund, recently wrote an article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review stating that “to fundraise effectively, nonprofits come up with accessible, digestible, emotive concepts that resonate with those who work outside the sector.”  At first glance this is seems like a great idea–the general public will become more aware of pressing issues and will (hopefully) be encouraged to donate or volunteer in support of the cause.  Some popular phrases are “youth leadership development,” and “community resource center.”  At first blush, these sound like great models that have the power to impact society positively.  But what do they mean?  And how do non-profits actually deliver these programs? 


So non-profits are trapped.  Buzzwords are important for getting funding and building awareness, but they also oversimplify issues and lead to mission creep.  So how do non-profits avoid the trap of the buzzword?  Showing how and why is the solution to the trap of the buzzword. 


How to sell your organization’s true impact


There are a number of tools that go beyond the mission and pitch to distill both the impact an organization is making on its target population and the process it is using to do so.  Some of the most popular tools for showing how a non-profit works are theories of change and logic models.  These tools are used to map out the work that a non-profit does in a way that is digestible, but is more reflective of the big picture, which includes the large-scale problems being addressed and the long-term vision for the organization.  Recently, EMH was engaged by the Emeril Lagasse Foundation to help them develop a new program.  We built a logic model as the “recipe” for the program to show funders, board members, potential partners, and other key stakeholders the what, how, and why of the program’s impact.  When distilled from a logic model, the short, catchy verbiage of what an organization does is more accurate and can be backed up with the how, the why, and the relevant metrics. Despite their funding challenges, the youth leadership development organization I mentioned earlier is committed to serving their youth in a formalized and comprehensive way.  We are working with the organization to build out a theory of change and logic models so that funders better understand how and why the case manager will be beneficial to the organization’s other work.  Hopefully, these tools will help the organization be funded for a case manager in the near future. 


Building a solid foundation like this can prevent your organization from succumbing to the trap of the buzzword, especially when you back it up with impact metrics, which we discussed a few months ago.  Good impact metrics track back to the problems the organization is trying to solve and are directly related to the activities performed by the organization.  Any time you can back up the results of your programs with data, your organization will be more credible—and more attractive to funders.  Once the impact of a non-profit is designed and tracked, catchy phrases, infographics, and other ways to make the story of the organization more palatable can be employed in ways that are powerful and accurate, rather than clichéd buzzwords. 


In reality, most non-profits are solving a multitude of complex problems in a targeted way within a multifaceted landscape.  Funders need to understand the myriad of factors that affect the non-profit’s work, rather than focusing on a series of compelling buzzwords.  And, as mission-driven organizations are compelled to distill their message into buzzwords, it is important that they do so in a way that accurately reflects what they do–with the logic and strategy behind them.  EMH has worked with a number of non-profit organizations including Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans and Café Reconcile.  We work with non-profits to help them build effective programs, analyze and understand their impact, and refine their value proposition in a way that avoids the trap of the buzzword.  If you’d like to learn more about our work with non-profit organizations, view our case studies or contact us.  To view the original post and others, visit EMH's blog.

Tags:  funding  marketing  metrics  nonprofit  youth development 

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2015 Force For Good Award Winners Announced

Posted By Bettsie Norton, LANO, Monday, October 5, 2015

The Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations announced today the selection of Gerard Barousse of the Bayou District Foundation and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul as the 2015 honorees of the LANO Force For Good Awards.  The awards will be presented during the annual LANO Conference on October 22-23 at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge.

The Nonprofit of the Year Award recognizes a LANO member whose exceptional delivery of services to the community sets a high standard of quality and impact.  The Leadership Award honors an individual LANO member who has demonstrated strong decision-making abilities consistent with their organization’s mission and scope; rallies both staff and volunteers to maximize their potential; and achieves consistently successful results.


Based in Baton Rouge, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul recently celebrated 150 years of delivering care and assistance to homeless, at-risk and disadvantaged individuals and families throughout the Baton Rouge area. The nonprofit organization provides person-to-person aid by offering food services and housing solutions for those in need.


The Society collaborates with stakeholders and business leaders to develop affordable retail stores, dental clinics and pharmacies, and in 2014, the Society served over 240,000 meals, filled over 30,000 prescriptions and provided 25,000 guest nights of shelter to the homeless.


Gerard Barousse is the founder and Chairman of the Bayou District Foundation, an organization largely responsible for the creation of Columbia Parc—a thriving, mixed-income family community serving nearly 500 low-income households in the heart of New Orleans.


Since its completion, the Columbia Parc community has been 100% occupied, crime has reduced by nearly 100%, and all residents are either employed or in school full-time.  Barousse is regarded as an urban renaissance innovator, mentor and a community icon demonstrating outstanding leadership in the New Orleans nonprofit community.  

Please join us in celebrating these outstanding LANO members by attending the 2015 Annual Conference and Force for Good Awards Luncheon October 22-23!

Download File (PDF)

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Co-working office space available for rent in beautiful, historic, CBD building.

Posted By Shantrell Austin, Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, Friday, October 2, 2015

The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, a leader in telling Louisiana stories to the world, is offering a professional environment in which cultural innovators can be productive and collaborate with peers and leaders within the sector. With a 40+ year history in capacity building, content development and public program implementation for the cultural sector via grant making and strategic partnerships, the LEH is the best entity to launch and support the first incubator dedicated to cultural innovators.

The Culture-Up Incubator includes shared workspaces designed to foster community and collaboration for Louisiana’s cultural sector. Incubator membership options include access to two conference rooms, a kitchen, overnight storage and complimentary tea and coffee. Incubator members can also receive discounts on usage of the Louisiana Humanities Education Center and Board Room.

The LEH building is located in downtown New Orleans within walking distance of the Southmarket District, Rouses’, the Poydras Corridor, the Julia Street Art District, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and numerous cultural institutions.  

Learn more and apply for membership at  Email or for additional information.

Download File (PDF)

Tags:  Collaboration  culture  incubator  innovation  Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities; Baton Roug  networking  nonprofit sector  rental space 

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Fundraising workshop: Major Donor Development 101

Posted By Nora Ellertsen, The Funding Seed, LLC, Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fundraising workshop:
Major Donor Development 101

Thursday, October 8
9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Ashe Cultural Arts Center
1712 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd., New Orleans
Details and registration at 


Asking someone for a large donation can make a huge difference for your nonprofit.


The Funding Seed's October workshop covers the basics of major donor development: how to identify your donors, ways to build strong relationships with prospects, and what to say (and not say!) when asking for a big donation. 


Attendees will receive a Certificate of Participation after completing the workshop.


Registration $35 per person.  Discounts available for students, AmeriCorps members and organizations registering two or more people.


Email to inquire about discount codes or to reserve your space and pay at the door.  For more on workshops and other services offered by The Funding Seed, visit

Tags:  development  donations  donors  fund  fund development  fund raising  funding  Fundraising  louisiana  Member Event  New Orleans  nonprofit  nonprofit sector  non-profits  sustainability  training  workshop 

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Phenomenal Grant Writing Seminar!

Posted By David Kiviaho, kiisa Corporation, Wednesday, September 23, 2015



Image result for registration button

  • Relevant, Informative, Highly Rated! 
  • Targets Any Level of Grant Writer 
  • Phenomenal Seminar!

Laser Focused, Newest Information on Writing Grant Narrative, Goals and Objectives, Outcomes, Budgets, and more. 

As a corporate organization of the Louisiana Association of Non Profit Organizations (LANO), kiisa corporation provides a unique grant writing experience that explores all areas of grant writing. We help the writer to learn how to prepare stellar narratives, comprehensive budgets, develop proper evaluations, understand IRS requirements, identify funders, develop meaningful funder relationships, and much more.

  • Expert to Speak to Successful Grant Writing Participants on Frequently Asked Questions of the Funder. 
  •  Listing of funders ready to provide dollars to non-profits, community groups, municipalities, faith-based organizations, and academia.
  • Techniques on Writing the Winning Narrative, Goals and Objectives, Outcomes, and Budget. 
  • Latest Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements. 990's and Financial Audit Requirements.
  • Latest Giving Trends...From Wall Street to Your Street
  • Latest Data Management Resources for narrative citations. Exploration of where to find data to reinforce the need for your funding request.

Instruction Provided By:


Sharon Sandifer, M.Ed                                                                                                               David Kiviaho


Tags:  Grant  Grant Writing  Money  Non Profit  Seminars  Webinars  Workshops  Writing 

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10/31 Consortium Collecting Halloween Costumes For Big Buddy Program

Posted By Kristi LaMattery, Big Buddy Program, Sunday, September 20, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Baton Rouge, LA (September13, 2015) – In keeping with the mission to bring the fun of Halloween to everyone, the 10/31 Consortium is collecting new and gently used children’s Halloween costumes.  All costumes collected will be donated to the children served by the Big Buddy Program who will enjoy parties, trick-or-treating and marching in the Baton Rouge Halloween Parade wearing the costumes. 


New and gently used costumes may be dropped off through Thursday, October 15th at the following locations:


·        Party Paradise - 3546 Drusilla Lane (Drusilla Shopping Center)

·        Party Time - 3350 Bluebonnet Blvd (at Airline Hwy.)

·        Big Buddy Program - 1415 Main Street

·        Parties Start Here - 3150 Valley Street (at Perkins)

·        Spirit Halloween Store - 6865 Siegen Lane

·        Gerry Lane Chevrolet - 6505 Florida Blvd.


Everyone is encouraged to attend the Baton Rouge Halloween Parade at 2pm on Saturday, October 31st in downtown Baton Rouge and cheer on the children as they march in their costumes.


Give the gift of creativity by picking up an extra costume and donating in the bin at the entrance of your favorite party store or dropping of gently used costumes at Gerry Lane or Big Buddy.


Those with questions or needing more information should contact 10/31 Consortium at


10/31 Consortium is a Baton Rouge, LA based non-profit organization established in July 2010. The organization is a club for Halloween enthusiasts which hosts several Halloween-themed events, throughout the year, leading up to the organization’s largest events, the Baton Rouge Halloween Parade and its corresponding ball, the Ghostly Gala. The organization remains dedicated to children and the preservation of this autumn tradition by raising money for Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, collecting food for the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, collecting costumes for children in the Big Buddy Program and by working with area neighborhoods to promote safe Trick or Treat practices.


The Big Buddy Program is a local non-profit (501(c)(3))youth services agency that provides positive role models and quality learning experiences to over 750 disadvantaged youth weekly.  For over 30 years the Big Buddy Program has provided children and youth with positive adult role models through the Big Buddy/Little Buddy mentoring programs; character education and leadership sessions; after school programs, holiday camps and summer enrichment programs; teen programs, and literacy skills.


- 30 -


For more information contact:  Lauren Collins, 10/31 Consortium President

                                                         Phone:  (225) 773-4277   ●  

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