types of birds with names

Types Of Birds With Names: Facts That Will Have You Hooked

When you look out of your window or up in the sky, you are sure to find some beautiful bird spreading its wings and measuring the vast sky.

Birds are vertebrates and the only animals with feathers. They lay hard-shelled eggs and have beaks without teeth.

Most birds are found in the wild, while some are domesticated and kept as pets. Birds are a huge part of the ecosystem and are found all over the world in varied shapes and sizes.

Here, we list the most common types of birds with names found in our surroundings.

Types Of Birds With Names

The most common bird species are:

1. Columbidae


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The Columbidae family of birds includes pigeons and doves. There are more than 340 species of the bird. Columbidae have short necks, stout bodies, and short bills. The birds are considered a symbol of love and peace.

2. Crow


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The crow belongs to the genus Corvus. It has glossy black feathers, and large crows can reach a length of half a meter. They are omnivores and eat about anything and everything they can get. They are highly intelligent; a French-themed park has trained crows to pick up rubbish in exchange for food.

3. Peacock


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Peacock, also known as peafowl, is a beautiful bird found on the Indian subcontinent. The gorgeous bird has beautiful feathers with colorful eyespots.

4. Ostrich


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It is the largest bird in the world but has very small wings, so it cannot fly. However, they compensate for this with their long legs, which help them run quickly.

5. Quail


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Quail is the general name for around 130 species of small, short-tailed game birds. They live near bushy borders and open country.

6. Woodpecker


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Belonging to the family Picidae, a woodpecker is a small bird with a powerful beak. They can peck 20 times per second, and they use it to drill holes in branches and stems to make nests.

7. Duck


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Duck is a common name for waterfowl birds. It includes geese and swans. These birds typically have small bodies, large bills, and short necks.

8. Parrot


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Parrots are beautiful birds that come in various sizes and colors. They are affectionate and cute, and people often keep them as pets. They are intelligent birds who can mimic human speech.

9. Rooster


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A rooster is also known as a cock and is a male poultry bird. It is a terrestrial bird of the order Galliformes.

10. Kingfisher


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Kingfisher is a large family of birds that contains around 90 species of water and tree kingfishers. They have long-pointed bills that aid them in catching fish, their primary food.

11. Eagle


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An eagle is a handsome bird belonging to the family Accipitridae. They are predators seen patrolling the skies in search of prey. They have very powerful eyesight which helps them spot their target 3.2 km away.

12. Cuckoo


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There are more than 50 species of cuckoos spread over Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia. They are singing birds found in marshes, fields, and meadows.

13. Gull


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Gulls or seagulls feed on fish and other aquatic invertebrates. They are found close to water bodies and are of different sizes, ranging between 25 and 80 cm.

14. Penguin


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Penguins are found in the extreme cold climate of the Southern Hemisphere. We don’t see these birds every day. Yet they are famous and known to many. They are flightless birds that are better swimmers.

15. Goose


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Like the duck, the goose belongs to the family Anatidae. It is bigger than the duck and can weigh up to 6.5 kg. These aquatic birds feed on fish and cannot fly very high.

16. Spoonbill


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The spoonbill is a long-legged wading bird. There are six species of the bird; all fall under the genus Platalea. The bird is recognized for the broad shape of its bill, which helps it trap fishes and insects.

17. Hornbill


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The hornbill is found in tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Melanesia, and Africa. They are named after their characteristic bill, which has bright colors and is down-curved. Sometimes, their upper mandible has casques—an anatomical feature.

18. Toucan


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Toucans are noisy birds with black bodies and colorful bills. They have large bills, making up around ⅓ of the bird’s total length. They are forest-dwelling birds who can only make short flights.

19. Vulture


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Vultures are huge birds that feed on the dead. There are many species of the bird, most of which live in the tropics and subtropics. They are large, with some subspecies reaching a wingspan of 72 inches.

20. Owl


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Owls are nocturnal animals found sitting on trees and in other secure places. They belong to the order Strigiformes and are sometimes even kept as pets.

21. Turkey


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Turkeys are large birds found in the forests of Central and North America. They are wild birds that the indigenous people domesticated.

22. Flamingo


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Flamingos are aquatic birds that live in colonies; sometimes, they are found in thousands. They have long necks, slender legs, and short tails. There are eight known species of the bird, all known to travel in flocks, hunt cooperatively, and breed colonially.

23. Pelican


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Pelicans are aquatic birds with large bodies and large throat pouches and bills. Their large bill helps them catch prey and drain the excess water before swallowing.

24. Sparrow


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The sparrow, or house sparrow, is a bird seen near civilizations. It stays close to humans even when they are not feeding it. They are not found in deserts, woodlands, and grasslands where no human development exists. Sparrows are small birds with round bodies, round heads, and conical bills.

25. Kiwi


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Kiwis are flightless birds found only in New Zealand. They are the size of a chicken, and there are five known species of the bird. Out of these, one is near extinction, and the remaining four are vulnerable.

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