what animal has two feet but cant walk

What Animal Has Two Feet But Can’t Walk? An Interesting List

Many animals in our ecosystem share similar features and characteristics, and yet are built with entirely different purposes. Take feet, for example. One might think that every animal that has feet must be able to use them, but that’s not true. Some animals are created with feet but are incapable of walking, while some choose not to walk at all! Join us as we explore what animal has two feet but can’t walk.

Riddles Around “What Animals Have Two Feet But Can’t Walk?”


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“What animal has two feet but can’t walk?” This is a popular riddle that leads many to think outside the box, rack their brains for biology lessons, and even include non-living things that have “legs.”

Needless to say, this riddle can give you different answers, from strictly scientific to silly, funny answers that make no sense. You will receive responses like a ladder, which is likened to having two legs or feet with steps to help you go up, but it can never walk because it is not a living thing.

Another answer would be a paraplegic animal. You may get confused because the idea of animals being paraplegic is not common knowledge, but there are disabilities among animals, too.

This riddle can also branch into other riddles associated with feet and walking. Some of them include:

  1. What can run but never walk?
  2. What animal walks four feet in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three at night?
  3. Which animal has four legs but uses three legs?
  4. What has a foot but cannot walk?

8 Animals that Have Two Feet But Can’t Walk

The animal kingdom has several representatives of animals that have two feet but can’t walk. With these animals, their feet are not meant for walking but, instead, serve some other purpose and help with their survival.

1. Penguin


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Remember the movie Happy Feet? Mumble’s feet tapping in the movie is beyond impressive! However, penguins are the first animals on this list that have two feet but are unable to walk.

These cute birds have made a name for themselves for their waddling gait, which is their natural means of traversing through the icy terrains of their homes.

Additionally, the penguin’s feet with their webbed toes are designed for swimming as it helps them propel forward in the cold seas. So, although they don’t walk, penguins are one of the best swimmers and divers, with some species able to dive up to 500 feet!

2. Flamingo


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Some of the highlights of this tall and beautiful bird are its pretty pink feathers, S-shaped neck, and long legs. Unfortunately, their stilt-like legs are not intended for walking but they do help them wade through shallow waters.

Flamingos cannot walk on land. What their feet can do, though, is to allow them to stand in water while they search the seas for their food. Thanks to their thin and long legs, they can also balance like a pro even on uneven surfaces.

In fact, flamingoes have incredible balance and can stand on one leg for hours without losing balance. Additionally, flamingos use their feet to shuffle the mud and silt to ruffle small creatures like mollusks and crustaceans.

3. Hummingbird


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These tiny birds are incredible flyers, but their feet don’t allow them to walk or hop or jump. This is because, biologically, the hummingbird’s feet are scooted sideways on a surface, for example, when perched on a branch.

To help with their incredible flying prowess, they have also evolved smaller feet because any additional or unwanted weight can impact their flight. And given the flight dynamics of these birds, having feet that can support them when on land is unnecessary.

4. Kangaroo


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Native to Australia, kangaroos are another example of animals with two feet that cannot walk. Hopping is their primary form of movement. However, it is also very easy and common to mistake these marsupials to be walking when they are grazing, but what they’re doing is crawl-walking and not walking like you do.

Kangaroos also reap benefits from their hopping as it supports their breathing. Kangaroos hop like springs, which causes their stomachs to move up and down. This causes their lungs to inflate and deflate, thus helping their breathing to become more efficient.

5. Sparrow


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The sparrow is another animal that, despite having two legs, doesn’t walk. Instead, they hop, like the kangaroo. Sparrows are also dependent on their flying skills for their survival and don’t have that need to walk around.

Sparrows will fly at all times rather than run or hop around, even at short distances. Their jump automatically gives them the power to fly when needed or threatened. These birds are also very light, so they can rely on their flying prowess to get them anywhere at any time.

6. Bat


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Most bats can walk, but they prefer not to. And if they do, they walk very awkwardly. Their bodies are so in-tuned to flying that their walking skills have not been developed enough.

A bat’s feet and leg bones cause them not to move around as they want to, including walking. When bats want to accomplish simple acts like walking, crawling, or hopping, it takes a lot of their energy. So, they opt to skip these movements.

Although it should be noted that not all bats are unable to walk. The lesser short-tailed bat from New Zealand can easily walk, crawl, and fly.

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