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What to Wear to a Bar: 16 Clothing Ideas for Boys and Girls

Picking out an outfit for going out to drink may seem easy, but there is actually a lot of thought behind it for most people. There is a specific balance between looking available and being willing to have fun while not looking easy.

Whether you are a guy or a girl, you may find yourself struggling with picking out the right outfit. If you’ve ever wondered what to wear to a bar, this article is here to help you out with eight outfits for boys and eight outfits for girls.

What to Wear to a Bar: 16 Ideas

Ideas for Boys

1. Layer It Up


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Now, this look won’t work for every bar you go to, but if you are visiting a nicer, calmer bar or club, why not show off? Wear a simple pair of black slacks or jeans with some work boots, and focus most of your attention on your top.

Add layers until you achieve a look you enjoy. This layering tends to lend itself more to the teacher vibe, so if that is what you are going for, then rock it with a look like this. You manage to look intelligent and somewhat mysterious by just throwing on a nice sweater over your normal work shirt.

2. Nice and Casual


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Of course, if you are unsure of what to wear, or what vibe you are looking to portray when you go out, keeping it light and casual is often your best answer. A simple pair of pants, a nice belt, and a simple button-up shirt and you are ready to go.

For a more casual look, wear some slacks with the outfit. Otherwise, you can try things like work boots, or even a pair of sneakers to change up the look to suit your style just a bit more. Add some accessories like watches, a bracelet, or sunglasses and your outfit will be turning heads.

3. Flowers


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If you want to stand out a bit while you are clubbing, try to find a shirt with a fun pattern. You can pretty much wear the same outfit as before, but switch up the shirt. Pick a short-sleeved button-up shirt with a fun pattern that shows off your personality.

To turn heads even more, consider leaving some of the top buttons of your shirt undone and throwing on a necklace of some sort. This will bring attention to your chest, and is a great idea for those who work out, or are proud of their muscles.

4. Tall, Dark, and Handsome


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This isn’t an option for every bar but works well with classier bars and clubs. Wearing a nice suit tailored to your body helps to attract attention and makes you look nicer. A lot of people go wrong by picking a bunch of different outfits instead of spending the same amount of money to make an outfit fit you perfectly and look nice.

Accentuate a suit with a nice set of accessories and sleek pair of shoes and you will be surprised by how well you look.

5. Light and Playful


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Like the bright and bold shirt, this outfit is about catching attention. However, it takes it to a more casual level with a pair of average jeans instead of nice slacks. A pair of plain or bright sneakers also adds to the casual look. Use an outfit with a simple pattern that isn’t too bold to have a mix of casual and fun.

6. The Stunning Look


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You already know that a nice suit can really make a difference, but why not take it a step further? If you know the colors that work best for your skin tone, get a suit that makes you pop. For example, this man went with a deep maroon red. You can find suits in all sorts of colors and styles, so find one that fits your personality and makes you stand out.

Of course, you don’t want to forget the bling. While accessorizing might seem like something for women to do, the right accessories on a man can complete an outfit. Consider things like hats, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and watches. Of course, your shoes and belt can be chosen to complete the outfit as well.

7. Shirtless


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Going straight up shirtless in a club or bar can be tacky. Thankfully, there is a pretty easy workaround. Find a nice jacket and wear it without a shirt underneath. This may feel weird at first, but it can accentuate your body and highlights while also making you appear more confident and like someone that breaks the norms.

In this link, we see the man wearing a suit without the undershirt, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can match up any pair of pants with a nice jacket. So mix and match until you find something you enjoy.

8. Catch Everyone’s Attention


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If you want to stand out and don’t mind pushing the boundaries, an outfit like this is sure to work. While it doesn’t have to be this exact matching set of lions, something like this can make you easily noticeable and memorable.

While that isn’t what everyone wants, it works well for some people, especially if you have a high enough confidence level to pull it off. You’d be surprised by what you can get away with when you have a fair amount of confidence.

Ideas for Girls

1. A Sleek Top and Jeans


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If you want something that you can just throw together without a problem, consider getting a sleek shirt like the one pictured here. It catches attention, is simple, and looks nice on most figures, allowing you to be effortlessly stylish.

Pair it with a casual set of jeans, a nice pair of leggings, or a pair of shorts to tailor it to your needs. To add extra attention to your neck and chest, add a nice necklace. If it is a bit colder, you can throw on a nice jacket or a shawl as well to complete the look.

2. Corsets and Polka Dots


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Corsets are all the rage right now, but they can be difficult to style for a more casual or evening look. This woman simply took a nude corset and paired a sheer black shirt over the top. If you want to go bold, find a bright and decorative corset to throw underneath, or you can go more muted with a simple black corset as well.

This is a great option if you have very sheer or showy shirts you never know how to style, as a simple corset underneath can allow it to be somewhat revealing, and stylish, while still being demure enough that you are able to wear it in public.

3. Leopard Print


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Leopard print can be classy if done right but is easy to go overboard with. Your whole outfit doesn’t need to be patterned, but having one piece with a fun, decorative print can make your outfit pop that much more.

For example, in this photo, you can see the woman has one very bold piece of her outfit, the skirt with the leopard print, But then the rest of her outfit is pretty simple and muted. She has black knee-high boots and a long-sleeve black shirt.

Whether you decide to go with leopard print or a different pattern and color scheme, the idea is the same. Pick one piece of your outfit to catch the attention of everyone, and let the rest of your outfit just support that one piece.

4. Leather


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Leather is an absolute pain to put on if you are new to it, but it can really make an outfit pop. Leather tends to catch the lights of a bar, which will pull eyes to you and your leather focal point. Pair it with a sexy top that is tight, and you will definitely be catching the eyes of men, or women, all around.

This woman used a tight leather, knee-length skirt, but a mini skirt, pants, or even a leather jacket can be the piece you need to put your whole outfit together. If you want to go crazy, you can even go in a full bodysuit, but you might get rather hot quickly.

5. Mini Skirt and Band Tee


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Going to a bar where bands play, or that is a little more grungy? Consider going with an outfit like the one above. A simple mini skirt and band tee tied to reveal the waist can be a simple way to show your music preferences and have a conversation starter, all while wearing a cute outfit.

If you want to fit the grunge style just a bit more, pair it with a set of dark jean shorts, a pair of boots, and a thick jacket as well. However, the mini skirt is a great way to be cute, flirty, and show your interests all in one.

6. Rock the Accessories


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When you are wearing a revealing top and a pair of jeans, it can be hard to figure out how to make the outfit pop. While bright colors and patterns can do the trick, they can sometimes detract from the rest of the outfit.

A simple way to bring an outfit together and take it a step further without being over the top is to add some jewelry. Big chunky jewelry that dips low in the check can accentuate your features and draw the eyesight where you want it.

7. Bring the Bling


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Another way to step up your outfit is with bling. Get a shirt with some jewel decoration on it, wear thick bracelets full of gems, or just get a simple gem belt as we see in this picture. It takes an already nice-looking outfit a step further by adding a bit of flair and something that will reflect the lights in the bar.

It also manages to stay somewhat fashionable and attractive, without going over the top. Like leopard prints, bejeweled outfits can often be considered unclassy or too much. This is why making small and simple additions to your outfit instead of going all in with gems and jewels is the way to go.

8. School Vibes


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Who doesn’t like school vibes sometimes? A nice, but somewhat short skirt, and a business professional shirt with a couple of buttons undone can make many men’s dreams a reality. While it doesn’t have to be an outfit that mimics a school uniform exactly, you can hint at it with a fun outfit like the one we see here.

Again, to add just a bit more and pull the eyes of passersby where you want them, consider adding a bit of jewelry. Necklaces and earrings are a good choice here, but you can make bracelets and hair ornaments that also fit the outfit if done right.

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