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11 Winter Brunch Outfits: Style While You Eat

When you are meeting with the girls for brunch, you want to look your best while also being comfortable. But it isn’t always easy coming up with the perfect outfit. That’s when some inspiration can be helpful.

Here are 11 winter brunch outfits so you can be warm, stylish, and comfortable all at once while you are eating the best meal of the day. Copy these styles for the perfect outfit without thought or use them as a guideline to plan out your own unique style of winter outfits.

11 Winter Brunch Outfit Ideas

1. Fluffy and Bulky


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Want to arrive in a cozy and warm style? Get a big fluffy jacket and throw it over a nice pair of sweats and a knitted top. In this outfit, they are leaning towards a pink theme with a white knitted crop and a big turtleneck, but you can use any top you want. Stick to something a little more form-fitting to make it look nicer under that big jacket.

Pair it with your favorite sneakers, a small bag, and some sunglasses and you are reading for that morning mimosa.

2. Sweaters and Skirts


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If it is a bit of a warmer day in the middle of winter and you want to give your legs some fresh air, consider wearing a nice, small skirt with a baggy sweater. For an extra bit of style, tuck in the sweater to the skirt to show off your figure.

If it is cold, but you’ve been dying to wear a skirt, consider putting a pair of nude leggings or fur-lined tights underneath so you can stay warm and look fashionable. This outfit tends to be a bit more simple so don’t be afraid to pair it with bold accessories like a big bag, tall boots, or chunky jewelry pieces.

3. Throw on a Nice Jacket


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Have you been dying to show off your name-brand bag and other accessories? Pick out a simple outfit to do so. In this picture, we see a woman wearing a plain black turtleneck with black pants and a belt. Over this, she threw on a long jacket that is also pretty plain.

This allows the focus to be on her Gucci belt and bag, and even a little attention on her leopard print boots. While you don’t have to perfectly match this outfit, staying simple can make your favorite accessories pop that you wouldn’t otherwise get to wear.

If you don’t have name-brand accessories, spruce up the outfit by making something else bold, like a fun printed shirt or pants, or a crazy belt you can never find the perfect outfit for.

4. White and Pure


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Sometimes, brunches can be messy. It’s not every brunch you can go to with a white outfit. However, if you know you are going to eat something that isn’t very messy, be bold with a white jacket, shirt, boots, and a black and white printed skirt.

This will make you stand out in winter when most people wear darker colors. Pair chunky jewelry with the outfit and a small white or black bag as well and you are ready to be the talk of the brunch.

5. Sweater Dress


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Those long sweater dresses are perfect for fall, but they can also be used for those brighter days during the winter. Throw a big, fluffy coat over it and a stylish belt, and you have the perfect outfit.

If you don’t have boots that are long enough to fit the outfit, use a pair of thigh-high socks to accentuate your legs. This is a great outfit for a nicer brunch event, but can also work for your usual place.

The most important part of this outfit is confidence. When you wear this, you have to walk like you own it. Don’t let your shyness or lack of self-confidence get the best of you. Fake it until you make it and no one will know how nervous you are.

6. Sweater Vest Dress

Vest Dress

Image source: Pinterest

Sweater vest dresses are all the rage right now. For those that don’t know, they are basically a long dress shirt with a long sweater vest thrown on top. This is the outfit to wear when you want to look like you put minimal effort into your outfit.

Pair it with long boots to make your legs stand out, a small purse, and a messy, but stylish, hairstyle. For a little bit of extra warmth and covering, you can, again, add a pair of tights or leggings.

7. School Chic


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Get that old-school chic with a nice jacket, a mini-skirt with a pattern, and a large turtleneck sweater. It makes you look busy and like someone important as well as gives an air of mystery about you.

Your brunch friends will know the real you, of course, but it can be fun to mess around with the minds of complete strangers. Walk in with a fast step, a cup of coffee, and sunglasses to improve your look.

8. Simple Jeans and Long Sleeves


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Tired of wearing layers and a big jacket? Go for a simpler outfit with a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. While this outfit uses black jeans and a fun top, you can mix and match any combination of black pants with a long sleeve of your choice.

You can go bold as well with a bright-colored pair of pants, or a bright shirt to draw eyes to you. It’s a simple outfit, but an effective one, and one you can customize to fit you easily.

9. Chunky Sweaters


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Chunky sweaters are the way to go during winter. You can throw them over any outfit to automatically make it that much chicer. What were just a tank top and a pair of baggy sweats now looks like a put-together outfit that you agonized over for hours.

As a hint, keep a chunky sweater or shawl in your car so you can throw it on whenever you need to. Pick a neutral color that will go with most of your outfits and you can meet for brunch at a moment’s notice.

If you want to look like a struggling artist, bring a laptop with you, so it looks like you just came from a coffee shop where you were trying to do your work. Unique accessories can add to your statement.

10. Make Your Jacket the Outfit


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Your jacket doesn’t have to be an accessory. Get a big, bright trench coat or jacket that goes down to at least your knees, and plan your outfit around that. Patterned tights and matching shoes are a good start, and you can pick a simple black shirt and skirt to wear underneath it.

It’s amazing how styling an outfit around a jacket, instead of picking a jacket to match your outfit, can instantly upgrade your style.

11. Flannel


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Are you less of a fancy girl and more of a flannel girl? Don’t worry, you can rock the style easily. Find your favorite flannel jacket or large shirt, throw it over a simple tank top, and put on a pair of jeans and you have a casual, but stylish outfit. Ankle boots or work boots can complete the look.

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